This "Cop" is a product of my imagination (I wanted to experiment with different features which would increase the "cute factor"). I sketched this guy on paper and took it to the final lineart and coloring in Illustrator. The final format for this was intended to be jpeg since I didn't want to be too restrained by having to group every single element, but I think the .ai file is manageable. :D

Much like the "Cop", this farmer was created to experiment with a slightly different workflow. The sketch was done digitally and lineart in Photoshop. The lineart was vectorized and coloring was completed in Illustrator.

I had this wild idea a while back to create a board game that featured different characters to represent different human characteristics. I sketched this guy as "Greed". So it remained as a sketch in my huge pile of sketches-that-don't-really-go-anywhere until I dug it up and carried it through in Illustrator. Scalable vector... yesss!

Well this was a fairly quick project. A self-portrait to use as an avatar. I sketched digitally, finalized lineart in Photoshop, vectorized and colored in Illustrator (I've found that I really like this workflow).

I call this one "Net Dog". It started as a digital sketch to practice cartoon animals, but I liked it so much, that I decided to take it all the way. I also took the opportunity to practice backgrounds without any lineart (it went from sketch to Illustrator for coloring). I have to say that I don't much like doing backgrounds, but I sometimes find that it adds to a piece tremendously.

"Muscle Guy" is a more recent fully scalable character design. This is the product of a more refined workflow and resulted in an easier to manage file that allows for easy color changes to the character.

This character "Former Couch Potato" was for a personal project. It was created using the same Photoshop/Illustrator workflow and resulted in a fully scaling vector file.


These pictures are a series of personal mascot/character design projects that I’ve undertaken.

All of the pieces featured here have been completed with Illustrator and have their respective .ai files.

The end result of each of these though, has been the refining of my workflow to find what works best for me in terms of increased speed while maintaining high quality.


illustration, mascot, character design, vector