Past Clients (Character/Mascot Design)

Fully scaling teddy bear character for a client. Vector .AI format.

Cartoon style avatar for a DJ

A client running a handyman/repair service wanted this character for use on his website, as part of his logo (which I later produced), and for use on a vehicle(s).
He wanted it to be a cartoon-style mascot based on his likeness.

We established the pose, went through various clothing types, and explored the overall character design options during the sketching phase. Then I inked the character and provided updates along the way in the lead up to the coloring.

This is a fully scaling character design delivered in vector .ai format. That means this character can be scaled to extremely large proportions without a loss of image sharpness/quality. It can be printed on vehicles and even on billboards. That’s the benefit of working with vector artwork.

Project was completed using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This was also designed for easy color changes. If the client wanted to make the drill blue, for example, he could simply have the base color of the drill changed to a blue using color sliders in Adobe Illustrator and all shading and lighting would automatically adjust.

This client wanted a cartoon-style likeness of himself for use on his website. The sketches featured different facial expressions and design choices (since I can vary the style according to a client’s preference). He made a selection and I proceeded to ink and color this.

The projected was completed using Adobe Photoshop.

The client wanted a robot character to use for his website/business. Produced as a fully scalable vector with a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

"Drunk Viking" Characters For Beer Mugs


These are a sample of characters I’ve worked on for various clients. My process is to sketch, ink, and color.

During the sketch phase I really work out what a client wants. I sketch out some options and present them for feedback. Once I get a feel of what a client wants, I can produce a more refined look.

I move on to the inking of the sketch to get the appropriate amount of line-weight (checking with the client).

The last stage is coloring where I verify a color palette with the client then produce the final work.

My style can be tweaked to your desired specifications and can be delivered in bitmap and vector formats. The bitmap format is your standard image format (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.). The vector format is a file format that can be scaled theoretically infinitely without a loss of image sharpness or quality (I produce .ai, but can also provide SVG, EPS file formats)

The vector artwork can even be structured for easy color changes if requested. The way I work, if you wanted to change the color of something in the image, you could easily change the base color of a part of the image with the color sliders in Adobe Illustrator and the rendering of light and shadow would automatically adjust to suit.

If you have any questions just ask me. =D I’m happy to help and I love what I do.

Looking forward to working with you.



Various clients, ranging from handyman company, to booking agency


Character Design, Mascot Design, Illustration